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From Civil Wars in South Sudan to Enrolling in a Global MBA - The Story of John Mustapha

By jmustafa902
March 27, 2021 18:41
John Mustapha

by John Mustapha Kutiyote


I’m John Mustapha Kutiyote, born in 1982, in the Western Equatoria State Yambio of South Sudan. When I was 8 years old, I lost my father, who was a hardworking driver, in a car ambush during the 21 years long civil war between Sudan and Southern Sudan. I was afterwards raised by my maternal grandmother. 

Today, I am a proud father of three children and I am also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Students’ Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE), a think-tank registered in Western Equatoria State, with the aim of fostering a free, peaceful, and prosperous society in South Sudan. I recently won the Africa Shark Tank Think Tank prize, awarded by Atlas Network, with an entrepreneurial project meant to support the right of South Sudanese women to own property. 

I have worked in several civil society organizations, both national and international, such as CordAid, Africa Educational Trust, and Star Trust Organization. I also served as a Local Coordinator for Students For Liberty and a Campus Coordinator for the Foundation for Economic Education. I am currently a steering committee member for the American Institute for Economic Research (Bastiat Society) chapter in South Sudan.

I enrolled in the Hayek Global College MBA because of its advanced academic program and its multicultural educational environment. At this stage in my professional development, I feel it is vital that I gain international experience and familiarize myself with different cultures, so that I develop my leadership and management skills.

Once I graduate, I will return to my home country to develop a business in the agriculture sector, as I am aware only well managed businesses are able to contribute to a better society, in which people of South Sudan can live free and prosper in peace.


Earn a Hayek Global MBA. Own the World. 



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