Global Ambassadors Application - Earn Full Scholarship for MBA!

Hayek Global College´s Ambassador Program seeks talented students around the world to harness their leadership, develop their full potential, and make them a showcase for prospective students – with an end goal of ultimately advancing our mission and contribute to a freer, more prosperous and more peaceful world.

Profile of our Ambassadors

Students ambassadors must be: 

  • Very interested in enrolling at Hayek Global MBA, and find plenty of personal and professional value in it. 
  • Disciplined, have consistent track record of strong academic achievements, and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their studies.
  • Conduct themselves with true professionalism inside and outside of class.
  • Are enthusiastic about promoting the program to other potential students.
  • Believe strongly and adhere to our mission and values.


Reward for Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors will:

  • Receive a full scholarship exclusively on the portions of the Global MBA program administered by Hayek Global College (HGC). 
  • Be part of a qualified network of students who will be promoted in our website, our social networks, and make available our referrals to help you with future potential employers. 



Apply to our program by filling the form below. You will be judged by the quality of two submissions: 


  1. An essay, with 500 words minimum and 3000 words maximumanalyzing this research. The  research shows how improved management practices greatly increased performance in textile firms in India. What lessons can we draw from this research? From your past experience, how would these insights be applicable to other companies in other places of the world? 
  2. A 3 minute video of you explaining to us why you are the ideal candidate to be our Global Ambassador.  E mail it to us at and mention your full name and location.