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Before applying to become a Global Ambassador, please carefully read all the information below.




Reward for Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors will:

  • Receive a full scholarship exclusively on the portions of the Global MBA program administered online by Hayek Global College. 
  • Be part of a qualified network of students who will be promoted in our website, our social networks, and make available our referrals to help you with future potential employers. 

Profile of Ambassadors

Students ambassadors must be: 

  • Very interested in enrolling at Hayek Global MBA, and find plenty of personal and professional value in it. 
  • Disciplined, have consistent track record of strong academic achievements, and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their studies.
  • Conduct themselves with true professionalism inside and outside of class.
  • Are enthusiastic about promoting the program to other potential students.
  • Believe strongly and adhere to our mission and values.

Selection Criteria

Prospective students will be selected based on:

  • Diversity of country of origin
  • Writing and oral proficiency of the English language
  • Capacity of reading comprehension, articulation, and analysis of ideas.
  • Demonstrated boldness, and a strong desire to do what it takes to grow professionally with integrity. 
  • Adherence to expectations of how you can contribute to promote Hayek as a Global Ambassador, and how Hayek can contribute to you as a professional.  

Students who are already enrolled in the program as regular students may also apply and will be subject to the same selection criteria as other applicants. Scholarship grants awarded to enrolled students will not retroact and will only be applied to remaining classes. 



  • Applications accepted until November 5, 2021
  • Ambassadors will be selected and publicized by November 26, 2021
  • Classes will start on February 12, 2022



Phase 1
Fill the application form, which will also ask you for:

  • A written summary of your education background and professional experience, with 500 words maximum. 
  • An essay, with 500 words minimum and 3000 words maximum, analyzing this research. The research shows how a coordinated value chain design may impact agricultural technologies in Sierra Leone. What lessons can we draw from this research? How positive outcomes for all stakeholders may be achieved, considering the value chain design? How would these insights be applicable to other business sectors in other places of the world? 
  • A 3-minute video of you discussing: (1) Why Hayek Global MBA is a good fit for you; (2) How you could contribute to promote Hayek Global MBA; (3) Your expectations about Hayek Global MBA and your career development.

Phase 2
Prospective students who satisfactorily pass Phase 1 of the selection process, will participate in a classroom case-study discussion with all the other candidates. You will receive the preparation material, and further instructions after you have passed Phase 1. 




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