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This application is valid only for members of ABRAFAC. The selection process for partial scholarships consists of 2 phases, as described below: 


Phase 1

Fill out the form right below. It will ask you to write an answer to the following questions:

- What is your latest official degree, and at which institution was it attained? Also succinctly tell us about your professional career.
- Why are you interested in enrolling at Hayek Global MBA?
- Using your own words, why should you get a partial scholarship from Hayek? 


Phase 2 

- The candidates who are selected for the second phase will be asked to prepare a 4-slide presentation on a topic of our choosing. We will provide a text for you to analyze. 
- The candidate will then deliver a 10 min presentation with the slides to the Selection Committee. The committee evaluates the presentation and will attribute a score between 1-100. The average score will be ranked and the top 5 will receive the scholarship as described above.


Any further questions? Get in touch with us at, or by phone at +55 61 99458-6029.


Partial Scholarship Application Form