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In theory all businesses are at best, an abstract idea providing goods and services in competitive markets. So what happens when theory crashes with the real world?  There are many unexpected outcomes; unpleasant, funny, frightful, illegal, and sometimes deadly. 
How do you deal with corruption and fraud risks in a company? Establish controls.
But since absolute control is impossible, we have to craft it and manage in an environment with proper incentives aligned with workable checks and balances understanding that all that we do and touch is imperfect.

The class is designed to provide specific tool to deal with the real world. It will address effective communication, how to deal with the most common fraud problems in business, the cost benefits of bureaucracy, due diligence practices and much more!




Class format and time investment


This is a course of the Hayek Global MBA program. It is an 100% online, 8 week long course, with one 3 hour session per week by web conference. Also expect to spend a good amount of time studying the class material and working on the activities.




Successful completion of this course will earn you a certificate on Business Street Smarts. The certificate will be publicly displayed in your student profile, available for any potential employer in the world prospecting you, along with all the relevant deliverables you produced in the course.

It will also count as credit towards your degree in the Hayek Global MBA program.


Admissions Process


To enroll in this course you must pass the selection process for the Hayek Global MBA. We have a simple admissions selection process, consisting of two steps:

1) Submit answer to two career and interest related questions, and one on reading comprehension and business skill.

2) A quick phone interview from one of our team members.

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Coming in, what should I expect?


Expect to earn it. 





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Effective Communication
Intellectual Property and Critical Information – Intangible Assets
Fraud, Corruption, and other Mischief
Contract Management
Due Diligence
Forecasting and Future Casting
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Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Burke is the head of an international investigative firm. He worked at Oppenheimer in futures and with American National Securities as the director of corporate finance, and is currently the President of Financial Examinations & Evaluation, Inc. an international financial investigative firm. He has worked on fraud cases as large as 20 billion, many mergers and acquisitions,  due diligence consulting across five continents and has run cases and research projects in 135 countries and has worked in or visited over 100 countries. Burke is the author of the multiple award winning books, Due Diligence for the Financial Professional.