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What is this event about?

Believe it or not, companies who practice good management are a minority. You might be inclined to shrug and dismiss the importance of management to business success, but we will show you that it matters, and a lot! Join us for a webinar where Professor Edson Agatti will share some of his experience turning around a company from taking deep losses into being on of the most successful stories of its industry in the region, by simply changing its management. This will also give you a good preview about our Global MBA program.


Who will participate?

Professor Edson Agatti Lima: Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College, Masters in Economics from George Mason University, and a bachelors in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University, ex-CFO and then as Director of Strategy at Uniceplac, previously worked as tax adviser for KPMG in Budapest, Hungary; and also at Atlas Network, and the Charles G. Koch Foundation in Washington DC.



Thursday, April 8th at 1 PM Brasilia Time (GMT - 3)


On Zoom!


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