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5 reasons why Hayek Global MBA is right for you

By paulo.fuchs
September 24, 2021 10:36

I was a student at Hayek Global MBA, and I can assure you it is very different from all other MBA options out there, and might be exactly what you were looking for (or should be looking for). Here are some reasons why:


1. Be immersed in a truly international forum to learn from, discuss ideas, and network with peers from all over the world.

A universal benefit of MBAs, as many who have taken it will tell you, is the networking experience. What most other MBA programs offer is networking in your locality with people from your city, or country at most. Value gained by networking with people in so many different countries is a whole new ballgame. 

It is no exaggeration, classmates do come from all over the world. Take a look at some students here. There are people coming from Dubai, South Sudan, France, Guatemala, and Brazil. 

Stop and think about it — how else would you be able to hangout in real time and establish meaningful connections with people from so many different backgrounds, all at once? 


2. Receive meaningful business skills training in order to add value to any organization, in any country in the world.

As I have learned through the MBA, most companies in the world have plenty of space for improvement in their management. Research and practice also show that simple steps taken to improve management practices may provide a significant boost in results and productivity. 

It is even more valuable in developing countries, as you can see in the figure below, which ranks countries in terms of average scores in the use of best management practices. These are research results of The World Management Survey:

Source: "Management practices across firms and countries" (Bloom et al., 2012).


3. Have challenging classes with practical activities, discussion of real cases, and useful projects 

You learn business skills by solving problems, and not by sitting through pointless lectures. In other words, you learn by doing. At Hayek, there will never be a dull moment in the classes.  Professors go out of their way to stay away from lecturing and memorization, to provide you with meaningful activities that are actually useful.

And yes, don't expect to have an easy time going through the MBA. It will be challenging and that is a big part of the learning process.  


4. The transparent certification process universalizes its acceptance, in any country on the planet.

Let's be blunt, who cares about diplomas nowadays? This author explains how diplomas prove very little about a person's skills and competencies to deal with real situations in the business world. 

Other than a diploma, showing what you can do is what matters. I, for example, am really proud not only of what I learned, but also of what I produced in the class Management and Its Best Practices with Professor Edson Agatti. 

Hayek Global College makes available to the public all of the projects I created in class with complete transparency. For all potential business partners, take a look at what I can do!


5. It's an indispensable opportunity to practice your English as a second language

It might look silly to seek an MBA to practice a language skill, but believe me, it's part of the package and it really adds value to your professional career. 

Previously in “The Hayekian”, I commented on the reasons why English is important for the future of trade. I also presented how the construction of a global network is a fundamental part of the future of management. Finally, I highlighted some data to underline that, along with management skills, English communication is a great competitive advantage in the job market, both domestically and abroad.

Even though native English countries are not the most populous in the world, the language is the international standard of global trade. According to this study by Sharah Ronen et al. (2014), English is the language of greatest international connection, is a standard in global forums (such as Wikipedia and Twitter), as well as the most dominant in terms of book translations. Notably, when speaking English, you are connected to the biggest network in the world. And this reinforces the language's very important for global connection. The graph below demonstrates the book translation networks, around the world, and the associated languages:

Source: "Links that speak: The global language network and its association with global fame" (Ronen et al., 2014)


As you can see, English translations are a hub which connects different languages (and networks of people). 

Having fluency in English, however, doesn't guarantee for itself that you will have a high income. In fact, your earnings are directly influenced by how much you are valued and what your business offers to consumers. In an environment of growing globalization, the process of increasing global competition is inevitable and results in productivity gains for several sectors. Those responsible for leading this transformation in productivity will be managers. So either you understand management, and have those business skills under your umbrella of professional abilities and become an agent of change or you become threatened by change and leave your career outcomes to be controlled by others.

The Hayek Global MBA is a potentially transformative program for your career, precisely because it addresses all of these factors, all at once. Click here for more information about the program and the application process


Paulo Fuchs was a student of Hayek Global MBA, is an entrepreneur in the management consulting industry, and is one of the hosts of the podcast Tapa da Mão Invisível (The slap of the invisible hand), a weekly program of interviews on social and economic topics, with the participation of businessmen, politicians, academics and other influential people in Brazil.

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