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Ask Hayek - What are Your Business Questions?

By Anonymous (not verified)
October 27, 2020 16:41

This is a call for managers, business owners, wanabe entrepreneurs, employees, or curious people in general all over the world. What are questions that bug you in your job or in the business world in general?

Certain things are not so easily "Google-able", and believe us, there is no stupid question. Most companies in the world are not well managed, and some well answered questions, as simple as it may sound, might save you a lot of time and money.  

I´ll give a quick example: a few years back I was assuming the role of CFO in my family´s business, even though I had very little experience with the role in practice. Here are a few questions I wish there was someone with a bit more experience to guide me: 

  • What types of reports should I be focusing on?
  • How do I prepare a Cash Flow report? 
  • How does the routine of the typical CFO look like?
  • What is "reconciliation"?
  • How do I negotiate loans with banks?
  • How do I assure that the people in my team are inserting the correct information in the ERP system?
  • What type of goals should I set for the finance/accounting teams so that they are motivated and at the same time don´t bring any conflict of interest with their roles?

I had many other questions, some very very simple, but I was afraid of asking people around me and sounding as if I did not belong in that role. I often learned the hard way, making mistakes other people had made in the past. It doesn´t have to be that way. 

And while here, fear not, you have an open forum to discuss, and ask about anything at all!

Use the comments section below to ask your question, and we will consult our professors and/or panel of experts who will be glad to chat about it in our show - Ask Hayek - LIVE!