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Help students and alumni travel to Hayek Global Summit

By Edson Agatti
September 22, 2022 17:03
Students of Hayek Global MBA happy on Zoom

After 18 successful months studying online and connected by distance, the first class of 11 alumni which graduated in August of 2022 now wants to get together in person, in an event called “Hayek Global Summit”. 

It will happen from January 31 to February 5, 2023, in São Paulo - Brazil, and will count with lectures, company visits and city tours. There will be no fees or extra cost to participate in the Summit, other than travel, accommodation, transportation and food expenses.

We are fundraising to help pay for the plane tickets and accommodations for the students and alumni who wish to participate in the Summit and do not have the means to do so. 

Our community is young but already truly international with people coming from countries such as: Brazil, Ukraine, China Hungary, France, Nigeria, Slovakia, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, United States, Ghana, Guatemala, Cameroon, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Poland, South Sudan, Cape Verde, Germany and Madagascar.  

Hayek´s community is a microcosm of the world we dream about. A free and globalized world with no country borders and which is united in peace to improve our human condition. 

Your donation will help strengthen this thriving community which has been studying, and working to improve people's lives through the practice of business with integrity, transparency and voluntary transactions.

We have already received a donation from a single donor to fund the trip of John Mustapha, our alumni from South Sudan, and now we are looking to finance other alumni and students and make this a truly special get together! 

The funds received will be reverted to pay for students and alumni who need financial assistance. We will give preference to alumni first, then active students second. The order of preference within these categories will be based on the Committee´s assessment of needs. We estimate that each USD 2000 (or ~BRL 10000)  will finance the entire trip of one international student. The goal was set considering the full financing of 11 international students.

If we fundraise more than what is needed for this year´s Summit, the exceeding money will go to start the Hayek Alumni Fund, which will be used to finance further initiatives like this, or to provide scholarships to future students.