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How important is a global network to your career?

By paulo.fuchs
May 17, 2021 18:19

By Paulo Costa Fuchs

There are several different answers to this question, as are the many positive outcomes of having a global network. But let me start by stating that this article is based on my personal experience, at Hayek Global College’s own Global MBA. 

As I participated in the class with students from 8 different countries, there were business executives, lawyers, NGO leaders, and entrepreneurs (like myself). As such, we all shared some common goals. These goals were to develop business skills, provided by the, and also to become part of a network of a diverse group of people which share the same values and to learn from each other. We all got to know different contexts and learned new perspectives. Even though world communication is already globalized, we have not yet globalized every business, as in, there are still many opportunities to sell to foreign countries. 

What many don’t realize is that, from a historical perspective, we are very early in the process of globalization. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there so much more to come! Take, Youtube, a global market for ideas and content, which was created only in 2005. It could be seen as a prototype of what I believe the future of global business will look like. When a brazilian produces an episode for my podcast (in portuguese) and publishes it on Youtube, he contributes to Youtube by generating more traffic and in turn, they pay the  brazilian company in dollars. Even though most don’t make a living out of it, it is better than nothing, as most content creators struggle to monetize their work. 

If you stop to think about it,these global tech companies are providing exposure to the world to anyone anywhere, but are not necessarily generating meaningful connections between people. So, as the world becomes even more intertwined, proper avenues for people from different countries to relate are yet to become a mainstream event.

A downsized-sized sample and is something that is only the beginning of a completely interconnected world is exactly the experience we had in class during the MBA. For example, when discussing case studies, each student from different countries noticed stark contrasts with their own reality. And while we discussed the differences in each of our countries, we were also able to see many opportunities. Thus, I believe that eventually a global market will not only be for big businesses, but big for people. For everyone, everywhere. The way we get there is by doing business, by facilitating international commerce, and making new friends all across the globe. 

As the technology that integrates us continues to evolve, it will become easier for organizations and individuals to engage in a global market. Knowledge companies who create value to customers and are not tied to specific jurisdictions will be the most positively affected, if well managed. This is already a reality in many industries, especially in software development. As this effect starts to enter traditional business, instead of sitting and waiting, it’s time to start preparing yourself to be the professional who leads the change. 

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Paulo Costa Fuchs Global Ambassador for Hayek Global College.

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