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Hayek Global College inaugurates its truly international MBA!

By david_maycon
April 22, 2021 17:35

Hayek Global College, an international business school headquartered in Brazil, has officially inaugurated the first course of its MBA. The Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA) is focused on offering a truly international and practical experience. The curriculum is very challenging, and features online sessions in real time in which students join teams of multiple nationalities to work on real problems and projects.

“Imagine being able to work in real time on a business plan with a friend from Guatemala and another from Nigeria, for a startup that the colleague from Romania aims to create, by simply turning on your computer from home on Saturday morning. It is this kind of experience our students are already having in this truly practical and international MBA!” explains the founder, Edson Agatti.

The first course has students from eight different nations on 4 continents, including France, Nigeria, Guatemala, Slovakia and Brazil. One of the students, Monica Somandroiu from Romania, highlighted the value she perceives in the course: “Overall, I feel the MBA, beyond the obvious practical know-how and theoretical knowledge that we will again, is also a way for us, as students to expand our horizons, as we work with each other and learn from people coming from very different cultures and professional backgrounds. "

The program aims to develop the skills that most closely match what students will need in an evermore globalized job market. These include business skills, interpersonal skills (soft skills), technical and quantitative skills (hard skills), in addition to promoting an international cultural bridge for students to work together to find global solutions to local problems in their communities.

One of the challenges in putting together the live sessions was to find days and times that would fit the students´ schedule in each of their respective countries so that everyone would participate in the activities in real time. The classes happen from 9-12 AM in Brazilian time, and at the limits, Héctor Orellana from Guatemala started the class at 6 AM, while John Mustapha from South Sudan started the class at 6 PM.

Admissions are open for the next cohort which will start on April 10, with the following courses being offered:

1) “The People Factor”, with the German, Hannah Haemer, psychologist and also professor at Uniceplac.

2) “Business Street Smarts”, with the American from Arizona, L. Burke Files, President of the American Anti-Corruption Institute, and one of the leading international authorities on due diligence, fraud and corporate corruption investigation.

3) “Strategic planning and Goal Setting” with the Brazilian, Oto Morato, CEO of Igesia Academy and former Director of Executive Education for South America at Cornell University in the USA.


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