We develop the new generation of global leaders.

Hayek Global College offers world class education, resting on three pillars:


International Connection


Globe International


High quality education requires connection and communication with the wider world. Exposure to different people and cultures creates indispensable opportunities for professional development. Most importantly, it enables us to see things from other points of view and it enhances our tolerance and respect for the great variety of human cultures. 


Personal Competence



Our curriculum is based on the skills and competencies that most closely match what students need to be equipped with to face the challenges of their professional careers.


A Life of Purpose




Free societies have room for a great variety of purposes. The freedom of the individual is vital if they are to be coordinated so as to produce prosperity and harmony. It is thus essential, as Hayek argued, “that each individual be able to act on his particular knowledge, always unique, at least so far as it refers to some particular circumstances, and that he be able to use his individual skills and opportunities within the limits known to him and for his own individual purpose.”

Our focus at Hayek Global College is to help our students identify where and how they can create value, to contribute to the good of the community and at the same time realize their purposes. That means our courses encourage critical thinking, foster alertness to the virtues of value creation through business. 



This is Why




We seek extraordinary applicants who adhere to our values are willing to be challenged.

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