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Our program develops world-class leaders for companies who dare to think global and want to connect to worldwide networks of businesses and opportunities. Click here for more information and curriculum. 


Solutions for your business

  • Advanced training for business leaders: Prepare your leaders to thrive in an ever more globalized and digital world by developing international business skills with proficient oral and written communication in the English language.
  • Problem Solving with Intercultural Exchange: Promote international networking to your team with peers and professors from other countries in meaningful projects which seek to find global solutions to local company problems.


Target audience

Knowledge workers at any age and background with:

  • A bachelor’s degree successfully completed,
  • Advanced oral and written proficiency of the English language,
  • Who are motivated and willing to commit time and effort to thrive in any given course or the entire program.


Extra-curricular support

We will assess the specific pains of the company and help identify the types of problems which would best fit student´s class projects. HGC team will then monitor student´s performance by providing reports on skills, business proficiency, written communication and oral presentation skills.

The company shall indicate a liaison to monitor the development of the students from the company´s perspective in partnership with the HGC team.


What Hayek Global College will provide

  • Individualized and team reports on overall class performance
    • Proactivity
    • Engagement
    • Written and oral communication, and business skills
  • Constant feedback to student and liaison
  • Motivation and encouragement


Most importantly, we will provide a meaningful return on your investment in terms of more capable leaders with practical business skills and who are capable of reaching out to the wider world to find opportunities and solutions to your company´s needs.


Sample business case

Brazilian retail company has grown significantly in recent years and has hired new teams in several different leadership roles which require negotiations with international suppliers.

The company feels that the current leaders have good technical background but are not trained well enough in business skills and proficient communication in the English language. Thus, it has a strong desire to prepare the team to face the upcoming international challenges.

Hayek Global MBA will be a perfect fit for the motivated and aspiring leaders are willing to take the time and effort to study hard to add tons of value to the company with improved business skills and an international network of relationships.



Company might choose to either pay the full tuition for the employee, or to pay it partially. To be eligible for the enterprise plan, the company must pay at least 50% of employee´s tuition.



We would love to explore in more detail how our program can create value for your company.

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