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What is this event about?

Ever wondered what is the difference between BI and Big Data? Want to learn more about these technologies and how they apply to your business? Learn the difference between structured and unstructured data, different types of database software and the tools behind each technology.


Who will participate?

Professor Igor Agatti Lima: Founder and CEO of AgattiTech, a mathematician and IT specialist. Obtained a bachelor's degree in Information Technology at Chales Sturt University, and a master's degree in mathematical and statistical modelling at University of Technology Sydney. Igor acted as CIO for 5 years at UNICEPLAC. Igor is one of the founding professors at Hayek Global College.


Professor Edson Agatti Lima: Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College, Masters in Economics from George Mason University, and a bachelors in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University, ex-CFO and then as Director of Strategy at Uniceplac, previously worked as tax adviser for KPMG in Budapest, Hungary; and also at Atlas Network, and the Charles G. Koch Foundation in Washington DC.


Thursday, February 4th at 1 PM Brasilia Time (GMT - 3)


On Zoom!


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