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Our mission is to educate ethical and responsible leaders who contribute to a freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful world.


Because we believe in individual liberty, responsibility and in the power that free people all around the world have to improve the human condition and create shared prosperity through trade. 

We understand that the principles of liberty are the wellspring of human progress and we are dedicated to having our students realize in practice the entrepreneurship, innovation, and value creation that have raised humanity in two centuries from near universal poverty and degradation to the rapidly rising living standards of the modern society.

Our program educates the rising intellectual and business leaders of the world, by equipping them with the skills of professional excellence and who adhere to the following values:


Integrity – who speak the truth, keep their words, and will hold themselves accountable for their actions even when their results don't come as expected.

Tolerant – who defend the liberty of all individuals in the world and especially respect those who are different, independently of beliefs, race, sexual orientation, culture, or religion.

Passionate who seek to find their purpose in life, appreciate the pursuit of excellence as an ideal and fight for a noble cause.

Critical thinkers – who have the acumen to appreciate the complexity of human relations beyond simple stories of good versus evil, or the right versus left and, most of all, are willing to listen, be proven wrong and to challenge their own beliefs.

Independent  – who think for themselves and question consensus, dare to do things differently, challenge the status quo and break paradigms.

Tenacious – who know that great achievements come from many small and consistent efforts, day after day, after day. 

Ethical entrepreneurs who are willing to try and fail and who understand that the pursuit of fame, money and profit is virtuous, as long as it’s attained with honesty, transparency and voluntary exchanges.



We seek extraordinary applicants who adhere to our values and are willing to be challenged.

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