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We're in the Midst of a Global Digital Revolution. What's in It for You?

By horellana
April 27, 2021 17:09

by Hector Orlando Orellana Corzo


The 21st century has brought with it an accelerated growth in the exchange of ideas worldwide. We are in the rise of the age of technology, making it easier to propagate knowledge globally. This spread of information allows people to quickly learn what is being done on the other side of the world in their related fields, breeding new opportunities in any country.

According to many studies, around 60% of the world´s population has access to internet, this means that more than half the global population can connect with someone far away and share knowledge which might help bring up new projects that wouldn't have been possible without the information that came from a distant place.

Different cultures around the world see things in ways that may not have been thought by you or those who live in a similar context to yours. Multi-culturalism, the presence of various cultures and their coexistence, results in a combination of mindsets and therefore ideas which contain aspects from different points of view. Innovation feeds off these distinct perspectives of our world, its institutions, organizations, markets, rules, and opportunities.

In today’s world, learning has become easy. As easy as booting up any device with online connectivity and looking for whatever your interest might be. You can access a hugely wide array of information in a matter of minutes on almost any topic you can think of. Podcasts, blogs, articles, studies, and videos. So many kinds of media coming from people everywhere in the globe, discussing anything.

Education has also greatly benefited from the online world; great educational institutions have started to offer their services through the web. Courses, bachelor’s degrees, masters and even PhDs can be obtained from your institution of interest without the need to move to another location and possibly giving up your current job, home, or lifestyle. Its an intellectual revolution!

International commerce is to further increase, companies can sell and send their products to customers from any continent in a few days or weeks. Businesses are no longer limited to local consumers, and consumers are no longer limited to local products or services. Before, big organizations were mostly the ones that had the resources to achieve revenue streams coming from other countries, now through global networking, small firms can reach agreements with clients and suppliers worldwide.

Today I´m enrolled in Hayek Global College´s Global MBA, a 100% online college from Brazil with people from 8 different countries around the world. Learning a lot about business administration and sharing experiences coming from contrasting backgrounds.

Some years back I never would have thought that I, a born and raised boy from Guatemala, would be discussing the best practices in management or libertarian economic principles and its relation to the Central American coffee bean suppliers in the Eastern European coffee-shop market, the agricultural education system in South Sudan or a Traveling Agency from France focused on trips to South America. I invite you to join me in the next phase of the global educational revolution. Click here to learn more about Hayek Global MBA.

Héctor Orlando Orellana Corzo is a Policy and Portfolio Analyst at Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala, S.A., he is also a student and Global Ambassador of Hayek Global MBA.


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