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Instructions for Authors

The Hayek Business Review (HBR) publishes experiential case studies and general articles with insights dealing with management. Share with the readers real life business experience. If you can add what theories worked and did not that is a bonus.

Please refer to our editorial calendar for the themes and topics. If you have something off topic but compelling - please share. We will see what we can do.

Your target readers are business owners and managers and students on their way to becoming owners and managers.

Submission Requirements

Papers submitted should not be under concurrent consideration at another journal. Any actual or potential data overlap with previous studies should be noted and described in the letter to the Editor and provide an anonymized data transparency table describing actual or potential data overlap. 

All submissions are reviewed. Most reviews will occur within 30 days. The review are not anonymous as we wish the reviewers to contact the author directly with any questions or suggestions.All new manuscripts should be email to HBR@HayekCollege.com 

Files should be submitted in .doc or .docx format with a minimum of formatting. Charts, graphs, illustration and pictures should be in black and white.

Modern Language Association General Format and use endnotes not footnotes for references.

Get to the point. We have no minimum length, however, submissions over 15,000 words will be returned.

During the review process, including at the Conditional Accept stage, manuscripts may be subject to additional screening that may require the submission of additional information . Published papers will use the affiliations of each author at the time of the original submission. We strongly prefer that no changes are made during review, once accepted address our comments, if any. After that, no changes. 


Submissions will be acknowledged via email upon receipt. We strive to make an editorial decision in under 40 days, but circumstances beyond our control occasionally dictate a longer cycle. If this is the case we will let you know.

Each paper is typically reviewed by at least two reviewers and is also read by a HBR Journal Editor.  Results of our choices, along with copies of the reviews, will be forwarded to the contact author (if more than one) as quickly as possible. 

If authors are invited to prepare a submission our letters of invitation will outline the key issues to be resolved and an assessment of the likelihood of success. 

Authors and Editors will agree upon a submission date. 

Papers accepted to the HBR maybe be first published online which provides immediate access to finalized manuscripts prior to their physical printing.

Thank you for considering the HBR as a publication outlet. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!


Please submit a single file only. Multiple files require multiple submissions.