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This course addresses key competencies on strategy and brings together different business leadership perspectives: environment analysis, business strategy, market competition and setting goals. Being able to thinking strategically by understanding the competitive arena and becoming an on strategic planning will leverage your leadership skills to a whole new level.

The program is divided in two major sessions: strategy and market competition.




Learning Outcomes


By the end of course, students must be able to:

  1. Learn how to read and interpret market environment
  2. Propose strategies using a critical thinking mindset
  3. Propose company’s response to Market changes
  4. Identify and analyze competitors
  5. List and rank the risks coming from the market
  6. Propose company’s response to those risks
  7. Learn how to monitoring and propose  corrections


Class format and time investment


This is a course of the Hayek Global MBA program. It is an 100% online, 8 week long course, with one 2.5 hour sessions per week by web conference. 




Successful completion of this course will earn you a certificate on Strategic Planning & Market Competition. The certificate will be publicly displayed in your student profile, available for any potential employer in the world prospecting you, along with all the relevant deliverables you produced in the course.

It will also count as credit towards your degree in the Hayek Global MBA program.


Admissions Process


To enroll in this course you must pass the selection process for the Hayek Global MBA. We have a simple admissions selection process, consisting of two steps:

1) Submit answer to two career and interest related questions, and one on reading comprehension and business skill.

2) A quick phone interview from one of our team members.


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Coming in, what should I expect?


Expect to earn it. 





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Program Overview
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Methodologies
Market Competition
Leveraging Competitive Advantage
Succeeding in Business: your role as leader
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Morato Alvares

Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Oto Morato, senior executive education specialist. CEO at Igesia Academy -  former Regional Director of Executive Education - South America at Cornell University (2014-2020) and Business founder at M&M Capacitação Empresarial - (2009-present). Holds a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) at the Wharton School, MBA at the University of Central Oklahoma, Post-graduate in Accounting at FGV and Bachelor degree in Business Administration at University of Brasilia.