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People are the most important asset in an organization, we all know (or should know that). Even though the company´s goal should be to maximize profits, having a workplace that is characterized by good HRM practices will help attracting talents. Essentially, quality of life at work and well-being are just as important as career development opportunities. So how to select the best people? What criteria and techniques should you use? How do you know if the person-organization fit is adequate? How can the company establish training and career development opportunities? What about flexibility and work-life balance? How can make the work environment be a healthy, and great place for colleagues to be friends, while still getting the work done? And when and how to decide to discharge people?




Learning Outcomes


By the end of course, students must be able to:

  1. Elaborate a selection process, considering key competences that are to be evaluated and techniques that may capture them. 
  2. Evaluate psychological, social, and contextual factors that impact performance, quality of life and well-being of collaborators, pondering individual and organizational needs.
  3. Develop organizational climates that favor high quality team performances.
  4. Mediate training and career development opportunities that create lasting bounds with talents and indicate the criteria for discharge of people, if necessary.


Class format and time investment


This is one of the courses of the Hayek Global MBA program. It is an 100% online, 8 week long course, with one 3 hour session per week by webconference. 

Also expect to spend a good amount of time studying the class material and working to draft the class deliverables. 




With good performance on this course, you will receive a certificate specific to the competency addressed in this course.

The certificate will be publicly displayed in your student´s user profile, available for any potential employer in the world prospecting you, along with the deliverables submitted for the course. 

Your performance will be measured by the quality of your deliverables.

Successful completion of this course will also count as credit towards your degree in the Hayek Global MBA program. 


Admissions Process

To enroll in this course you must pass the selection process for the Hayek Global MBA. We have a simple admissions selection process, consisting of two steps:

1) Submit answer to two career and interest related questions, and one on reading comprehension and business skill.

2) A quick phone interview from one of our team members. 


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Coming in, what should I expect?


Expect to earn it. 



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Dean of the MBA Program and Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Originally from Germany, Hannah is a specialist in organizational psychology, cultural diversity in teams and human behavior across cultures. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of Mannheim, Germany with international experience at the University of Valencia, Spain; an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management at FGV; and a Masters and PhD Degree in Organizational Psychology at University of Brasília. Hannah is also a Professor of Psychology at Uniceplac